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Effective group work is about talking at the appropriate time, listening at the appropriate time and questioning at the appropriate time. Effective group work is about co-operation, working together and moving forward.

- Anonymous


I joined Birlasoft limited an IT services firm as an Associate Software Engineer on 24th July, 2006 after completion of my engineering. I was posted in their Chennai development centre.

I worked for 10 months in Birlasoft ltd. I have narrated my real experience of working in a team there for 8 months. The events have been explained as they had occurred in the timeline from my joining the team to my final exit from the team. The opinions expressed are of my own. And all my team members may not agree or have the same viewpoint as mine.

About the Organisation and its Culture:

Birlasoft is a part of the Global $ 1.2

Billion CK Birla Group, one of India's premier commercial and industrial houses, with strategic equity participation by GE Capital. Birlasoft offers IT services worldwide from development centers in India and Australia. It provides software application development and support services across the globe in both onshore and offshore models. Its clients include large Fortune-listed companies in Manufacturing, Retail, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Mortgage, Healthcare and Independent software vendors etc. Birlasoft has 4,600+ technical employees. And the organizational hierarchy and culture is quite similar to the other IT companies with employees enjoying a lot of freedom in the working hours as long as they do their work well and complete it on time.

Team formation and Compostion

Upon the completion of an initial training period of 2 months I was assigned to the Presales Insurance Sales Team as I was interested in Sales and Marketing. Two more of...