This is a great summary of the progressivism life of theodore roosevelt, his way of political life as a "trustbuster"

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Theodore Roosevelt placed in office on September 14th, 1901 after the assassination of President McKinley. Roosevelt was the youngest person to take presidency at the age of forty-two. His first annual message to Congress began his administration's policy. He noticed the big business corporations were benefiting from the American economy. He found the existence of "great evils" and called for the regulation of large business firms. These firms were known as trusts. Roosevelt soon got the Justice Department sued in federal court under the Sherman Trust Act to break up J.P. Morgan's railroad trust. This was just the start of Roosevelt's progressive movement as the president. Theodore and his administration soon broke up forty-five trusts within a few years. Roosevelt soon earned himself a nickname, "Trustbuster," but preferred not to call this. He was motivated to being a government regulation of big business man. His most famous event was the Panama Canal Treaty.

This was difficult because the Spanish-American war of 1898 was leaving no room for the politicians of America. Roosevelt soon signed a treaty that would let the United States purchase the land on a ninety-nine year lease. America bought it for $10 million dollars and a $250,000 annual rent. America began built in 1904 and the canal opened in 1914.