A Good President

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Good American President

The first three major characteristics needed for a "good" president is honesty, determination to have a strong America, and a good family life. These characteristics are important in determining our president every four years. The fight for presidency has always been about the important issues that reflect how people's lives are determined. The fact that we as a people can pick who we would like to run our country every four years, gives us the opportunity to get rid of those who don't do what they promised during the presidency campaign.

The American presidency is not an office of great power, as it seems. Mostly, the president is not in control of everything. The president is however the one official who represents all the people and can symbolize their aspirations. Despite the limits on his power, he can be the greatest force in national unity.

A stronger economy in America should be highly important to a presidency candidate.

The fact that our country has undergone several wars over the last decade is a sign that we need complete leadership. Children, healthcare, and Social Security should be top priorities for our president and this country's rebuilding of the surplus should be equally important. The president should not just focus on the rich and wealthy or the middle-class, but also the low class and the homeless.

Honesty is absolutely a major characteristic needed for anyone to have in any job or career. Employers want honest employees and vice versa. The president should be an honest person. Honesty has always been the best policy. Who would want a president who lies?

A "good" president should definitely have a good

family life. He or she should themselves be

close to their family and be a loving spouse and/or

parent. Clinton seemed...