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Imagine a society without competition, hunger, jealousy and choices. Every member has been assign for a role in the community. The community keeps people thousand miles away from the memories of the true pain and pleasure of life. There's only a Receiver who hold the burden to protect them. "The Giver" is written by Lois Lowry places readers into a track to perceive a principle of life, which is people need to manipulate with conflicts instead of evading difficulties in order to be a fully human.

Hope, goal and impulse extended because of the frustration and the capacity of facing the conflicts. A fully human must be hopeful, and have impulse to reach his goals, instead of a life evading of truth and being under control like a robot. Mistakes and sins grew because people are lack of wisdom. "And the strongest memory that came was hunger...Excruciating hunger and starvation.

It was followed by warfare."(Page #111) This is a quote from one of the main character who holds the burden of memories and for the ideal community. He's the Giver. This quote proved that hunger lead to hope, physically pain cause human desire and hopes to be survive. However, the community in "The Giver" will never encounter starvation. Meals are always providing to each family unit. Worry and eager are one kind of feelings, but the community will never experience. "He might make wrong choices."(Page #98) What The Giver is trying to express that the Elders of the community pick occupation for each person in the age of twelve. Their goal is to make every member's life much simpler, and avoid people making wrong decision. They're like robot who doesn't even doubt about to oppose the decisions and having individual's right and goal. The people will...