Gods creation

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God's Creation

In Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, Annie Dillard uses her personal experiences to show the relationship between God and nature. By relating everyday events to human ideas, Annie Dillard creates a question: How did we, the universe, come about?

Annie Dillard uses a story of a young woman's view of nature to show the pain and beauty of life. Annie Dillard talks of how when she, the character, was a kid the teacher had polyphemus cocoon in a jar. When the moth emerged the jar was so small that the moth's wings became all crumpled and twisted. The teacher eventually let the moth go but all the poor moth could do was walk. Later in life, the character eventually saw what the moth would look like had it not been kept in a jar. The moth was a beautiful green and had a wingspan of about six inches.

By showing the character's experience with the moth, Annie Dillard explains that life shouldn't be kept in a jar we should be free.

Annie Dillard also shows that believing in a creator helps ease our fear of death. Most people feel a need to believe in a purpose after life. We need a reason for believing and we find it through our beliefs. Humans, as a whole, find comfort from believing in an afterlife. You never know when your life could be taken, Annie Dillard uses a certain frog to explain this. A small frog was laying in a pond one day when it started to shrivel. While lying there a certain gut-sucking bug stole the frog's life.

In Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, there are many metaphors that offer insight to human beliefs and development. The themes of life and death, as well as creationism are just two of...