Globalisation in Asian Countries

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Globalisation refers to the multiplicity if linkages nd interconnections between the states and societies which make up the present world system. It describes the process by which events, decisions and activities in one part of the world can have significant consequences for individuals and communities in quite distant parts of the globe. Interpreted in another way, globalisation is a process which is making the world smaller. Decisions taken by a small number of people on one side of the globe can affect millions on the other side. Globalisation results in the whole world being indisputably one global village.

The reality is that, as a process, globalisation can be guided to provide wealth and security for eveyone, preserve and celebrate diversity and ensure the sovereignty of nation states. On the other hand, if left to run on its own steam or through subversive intent, it can widen the economic divide in and between nations, create a global monoculture mainstream and aggregate power to certain factions and interests.

Globalisation can become capitalism with an ugly face. But, it could also be capitalism with a caring face.

The reality again is that globalisation is not being managed very well. The implications are that there is growing in equality in ownership of factors of production worldwide. There is increasing human labour dislocation resulting in unemployment and the exploitation of cheap migrant labour. There is environmental degradation. Rather unfortunately, today's globalisation appears to be uncaring and driven only by greedy capitalism.

In the book, The Rise of the Network Society, Manual Castell's has argued that there is fast emerging a new pattern of international division of labour constructed around four different positions. Firstly, producers of high value based on information labour, secondly, producers of volume based on lower cost, thirdly, producers of raw materials based...