Global Warming

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Many Scientists are saying that the planetary climate is getting warmer and warmer, due to the massive carbon dioxide release into the atmosphere. This is a major concern in many people’s lives all over the world, because it is affecting the whole planet. Some countries have massive droughts. Some regions now have a higher percentage of skin cancer, and some have major floods. People are talking about greenhouse gases, and how we all should take more responsibility in global care. Governments are increasingly looking towards wind power and other renewable energy sources. But these changes need to happen quickly, before we slowly self destruct and reach the point of no return. We should set up a single government agency that will regulate the polluters and develop more efficient technologies, for example, make more fuel- efficient cars, set up a very strict inspection system for all businesses, and start shifting America away from fossil fuels.

The effects of global warming are seen everywhere, with species shifting, deserts advancing and so on. The other serious effect is the rise in sea level, because of all the additional water flowing from the melting ice in the Arctic and parts of the Antarctic. Eventually lands and cities along coasts may be flooded. Heat and drought may cause forests to die.

Global warming can also undermine our own health in many ways. With the temperature’s rising, the risk of cancer is increasing. Malaria, asthma, measles and other tropical diseases are also expected to become more common.

Global warming is expected to increase the intensity of storms and hurricanes. Very strong hurricanes were seen even recently. Hurricanes that will occur near the end of this century are expected to be stronger and have significantly more intense rainfall than the ones today.

Before we proceed to find...