Global Warming

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Global warming is a world wide pandemic that is growing rapidly. It will do serious damage if it continues to go untended to. If someone told me about global warming a few years ago, I probably wouldn't have cared or paid much attention. Now I can't help but think about global warming and how it will affect my generation and the generations that follow. Global Warming is the increase in the earth's average temperature caused by a build up of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere. With the uses of the wrong fuel types, and the things we put into our atmosphere, we are putting holes into the ozone layer which blocks out a lot of the suns radiation and heat. One major area where global warming is affecting is the artic ice caps. Although it may sound insignificant, the artic ice caps are very important to coastal areas and animals as well.

With the melting of the ice caps animals such as polar bears, walrus's, and penguins would lose there home and food supply. The melting ice caps raise the water level which can be damaging for coastal areas. Global warming also increases insect borne diseases, and more frequent heat waves. With our dire need for more oil, gas, and coal it has amplified carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The atmosphere controls the heat balance in the world, so it does more than just grant us to with the oxygen we need to survive, but human induced damages can affect it significantly. The concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has increased about thirty percent in a small number of years. The seas are heating up and help accelerate the rate of sea level rising. Saltwater intrusion will become a greater problem affecting drinking water and food production. Believe it...