Global and Domestic Challenges in HR Paper

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Global and Domestic Challenges in HR Paper

This paper will illustrate the differences between two companies a domestic Farmer's Insurance and a global Cross Country Automotive Services. The main topics that will be discussed are employment practices, comparing, and contrasting the differences and likenesses between the two organizations. The paper then will take a look at human resources challenges in regards to diversity, technology, and ethics. In conclusion this paper will show ways for these particular obstacles to be met.

Farmer's Insurance is the third largest insurance provider in the United States and is ranked second in Arizona. Founded in 1928 and based in Los Angeles, Farmer's provides service in 41 states and has over 18,000 employees. Farmer's offers several different lines of insurance. With over 15 million customers, Farmer's must have a strong organization if they are to succeed in the industry.

Farmer's human resources department functions at all levels within the organizational structure.

At each level there is someone that is responsible for human resource duties. Farmer's is always looking for people to become an independent agent. Perspective agents must go through an extensive screening process. Within the Tucson district, there is a district manager that is responsible for this process. The manager is ultimately the one that decides if a person becomes an agent or not. Based on how the manager was trained and the Farmer's procedures that are in place, the manager will extend an invitation to an applicant to become an agent. By this point the manager has already been given the tools necessary to choose qualified people for independent agents. The manager is responsible for the interviewing process, background checks and reference checks. There is a lot of time, energy, and money spent creating a new agent. Farmer's is very methodical in their hiring...