German's role in starting and in fighting, World War I.

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Human civilization and culture have evolved over thousands of years. We, as a race, have learnt a lot from our mistakes and have taken measures to ensure we don't repeat those mistakes. War is a disease that has infected our civilization since the birth of the civilization itself. Despite our best efforts, the war in Afghanistan shows that we haven't found a way to live peacefully. The modern technology has helped us make not only better medicine for treating diseases and make our lives better, but also to destroy the same life we try to preserve, more efficiently. There have been many wars in our history, but none of them have been as destructive and shocking as the World Wars. As historians look back at the last century to figure out the causes of these World Wars, it becomes evident that Germany was the main cause of WW2, but the cause of WW1 is still debated.

Many blame Germany as the cause of WW1, whereas others argue that the blame is shared by all major European powers of the time. I think that Germany could be blamed for igniting the fire of war because of Germany's growing militarism and centuries-old nationalism.

The main reason why Germany could be considered the main cause of WW1 is that it's rapidly growing militarism gave it a perfect opportunity to start the war. After Otto van Bismarck united and formed a formal German nation till WW1, Germany worked hard to strengthen its military power. From 1900 to 1914, Germany had a increase of about 80% in its military personnel. This shows that Germany had started preparing for the war years before it actually started. It would strike common sense that Germany was increasing its military more rapidly than any other European power to be...