Gender Differences in Violence

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Differences in gender are represented in every part of life, with the way people dress, sexuality, language, and roles in society but what is its effect on violence? We all assume that men are more violent than women, but sometimes women are more violent than men. Some women and men place themselves into respectively dangerous and violent situations. The idea of women placing themselves in violent situations on purpose has been overlooked for many years. Based on the biological perspective and the socio structural perspective we are going to look into what the gender differences are for violent tendencies and situations. Situations like domestic violence, date fighting, and gang involvement where women and men are going to be compared and contrasted.

Socially speaking men are more aggressive; they are the dominant members of society opposed to women who are more submissive. In relation to domestic violence between genders men are usually the aggressors and woman the aggressed but that is just a stereotype.

There are some submissive men and dominant women, but do women act out toward violent tendencies? Most of the time women probably do not take violent action. Women are more of the nurturing type, they care for children and men in general. So as for women being socially inclined to violence that does not seem likely. Men are the tough and muscular creatures who protect and/or discipline the women and children. "When your father comes home he is going to ground you," Is a famous line that mothers use when a child misbehaves. Whichever the case there is more of a social drive for men to be violent either toward other men or women in general.

Men are brought up playing with action figures that inflict violence for example G.I. Joe; even though he is a hero...