Gay and Lesbian marriage

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Gay and Lesbian Marriage

Gay and lesbian marriage is most likely the largest controversy that has been on the news in a while. It seems that for every one person for it there are another five against it. Many people seem to think said couples are only doing it for the tax breaks and other financial aids that most married couples are given. This writer's personal opinion is that if they love one another they should just be left alone to make their own mistakes and to do what they want. It is their life to live, their choice to make why should we judge it.

A famous quote that comes to mind is "whoever hath no sins throw the first stone." Gay and lesbian marriage is vastly misunderstood. It seems that when people do not understand something or do not wish to understand it they lash out or ridicule the unknown.

However, to ridicule the love these couples may feel for one another is just going to do the exact opposite of what those against it are trying to do. Which is to break the couples up. Its going to make said couples want to try harder and succeed in their goals to get their equal rights in this world.

When Benjamin Franklin and our founding fathers wrote the declaration of independence they put a very precise statement in there that I think most people would do well to remember. When the U.S. was created, it was supposed to be the land of the free. Free to do what you wanted when you wanted to do it. Not to just have certain things be free and others be stuck on the backburners of life because the subject was too controversial to get into. In this writers opinion, I think...