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Paul Gauguin was born on 7 June 1848 in Paris.

During the political unrest in France, after the country stroke of Napoleon III., the family Gauguin Paris left and traveled to Peru. On the trip were Gauguins father died. Grown up is Paul Gauguin in Lima. After his grandfather died in 1855, he traveled with its mother back to France in order to begin the inheritance in Orleans.

In 1865, the 17-year-old Paul Gauguin signed up in the merchant marine until it was taken in 1867 to the military service on lake. It returned 1871 and worked in the bank house Bertin in Paris as a stockbroker. It married went 1873 in Paris, out of the connection five children forth.

In 1882 Gauguin decided, after violent losses at the financial markets to dedicate itself henceforth only the painting.

Gauguins works appeared however as hardly marketable and so were already after short time its total savings consumed.

Gauguin traveled with its family in 1884 to Denmark where the situation was hardly better however. So it returned already after short time again alone to France.

In 1886, it pulled after Pont-Aven in the Bretagne in order to join the artist colony there. During a visit in Paris, it became acquainted with also Vincent van Gogh next to other. The Paul Gauguin totally become impoverished meanwhile traveled in 1887 for tightly a year after Martinique where its first tropics pictures emerged.

After its return 1888, Vincent van Gogh asked it to establish an artist colony with it in Arles (south France). After only few weeks it came however between both to such violent quarrellings that van Gogh started one day with a knife armed on its friend. After this occurrence separated itself both for always.

Gauguin traveled again to Paris back and worked...