Functions of Management

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Owning and operating a business is has been both exciting and challenging. In order to operate a successful business, even a small business, a person must first understand and implement the four basic functions of management. Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are functions common to all managers, regardless of industry. These functions must be handled efficiently, effectively and involve all parts order for success as a whole.

I am the owner of Kids' Land family childcare. It is a small business, including only myself and one other employee. The functions of management play an important role in the success of my business. The planning began before my business. I needed to form a plan before I could take any action. Before my doors opened, I had to determine what my goals as a business were and how I would accomplish these goals. I also needed to prepare a budget, determine what items I would need, plan menus, and decide how I would recruit business.

I formed a decision about what kind of childcare I wanted to operate and how I would carry this out. I needed rates and hours and rules for both children and parents to follow. After the business began, the planning does not stop. Every training meeting encourages new ideas. When something is not working, I need to form an alternative plan. The most recent change was the decision to hire an employee. Wages, hours, and personal issues needed to be planned out before this could take place.

After all these plans, I then need to organize. Children needed to be recruited. This was addressed by advertisement, speaking to people with children, signing up with a local resource and referral agency, and becoming registered with the State of Iowa. I created an environment in my childcare...