Functions of Management

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There are four functions of management that are paramount to facilitate the success of a company. The first function that is the most important in this writer's eye is the planning phase. Planning is an act of formulating a program for a definite course of action, and the act or process of formulating plans or layouts for some project's or mission. Planning can be the most critical part of your assignment you have delegated to an employee. For instance, if you assign the wrong assignment to the wrong employee, you will have potential nightmare on your hands. If you haven't taken the time to critical forecast your assignment, and pick the highest qualified person, you will suffer the full burden of productivity. You as the manager have the ultimate burden of proof to display a completed project regardless of the incompetence's of your assigned employee. A picture perfect definition for planning is "The process of setting development goals and policy, gathering and evaluating information, and developing alternatives for future actions based on the evaluation of the information".

In my department we have a few of our command staff personnel who have great planning tactics. The art of forecasting a mission is a something you can be taught with a good teacher, but learn the best through experience. With planning comes something very important like contingency plans. This is something most standard employees do not consider, and could tremendously ensure a successful assignment.

The next function in succession for this writer would be organizing. Organizing is the process of identifying, specifying and assigning work, grouping work and resources into a structure and establishing a chain of command between individuals and groups. If you are not organized you have the chance of forfeiting your whole mission. This is similar to planning in...