Freedom and the war on terrorism

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Almost everyday we hear people discussing the current war on terrorism status and specifically the Iraq situation. No matter, if one is a keen student of philosophy or an ardent observer of current-affairs, the topic of 'Freedom' pops up and claims its relevance, quite instantly. There are various levels of freedom struggles going on around the world and man is constantly trying to break free from the dark of bondage. The term 'Freedom' is inevitably always the heart of the matter whether the subject is human-rights or intellectual debates regarding human behavior. It is in simplest words defined as 'liberty of actions'. Every other idea seems secondary to its intrinsic beauty. It is indeed charming and grand and yet misunderstood and manipulative. Some would venture as far as terming it as entirely flexible and inconsistent idea which is often used as the greatest trick for achievement of motives of certain individuals or groups.

Understanding can be achieved through explanation and description of an idea and Ideas are immortal and their interpretation as vast as human imagination. Freedom is an essential condition for moral choices, however there is no escaping the fact that we are in many ways conditioned and programmed to behave, think and express ourselves in limited ways which are ideally suited to the goodwill and sovereignty of a progressive group we exist with. There are moral, legal and psychological curbs to an individual's liberty of actions and hence it may be deduced that there exists no such demon in its entirety. We may also assume that societies limit human experiences as much as they expand the spectrum of norms and speculative behavior.

If freedom is a state of being unrestricted and expression is important then can we go around doing what we will? For instance, if one finds...