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Essay by cheekynicki April 2008

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Dear Director,We are residing at Old stockage room 5304. One of our housemate (5304-1) is very inconsiderate. She switches on the TV very loud (TV just beside my room) and the volume is deafening. Even one of my roommate’s room (5304-5), which is situated near the main door can hear the noise. She also always turns on her loud speakers enjoying the music without closing her door. Besides, in the middle of the night, this girl will go into the guy room (5304-2) situated in between my room (5304-4) and room (5304-2). There will be noise and loud laughter in the middle of the night. My (5304-2) roommate and I had told them and requested them to lower their noise level but they just continue and ignored us. These have affected our sleep and also our mood. Sometimes, the next day, she purposely switched on the music in her room even louder without even closing the door.

Furthermore, she also caused danger to other roommates by leaving the place and turning on the microwave for more than 45mins. One of the roommates had to turn off the microwave because there was a strong plastic burning smell.

We already had a discussion with a resident advisor early in the semester regarding the mess and the noise level (first complaint by one of my roommate). The situation got better but subsequently, the noise level came back. For your information, we had tolerated them throughout last and this semester and had given her plenty of chances. Should this matter not be solved, it is really unfair and injustice for us who also pay rent to endure her unreasonable acts of behavior. It has come to a point that we want her to leave and do not wish to give her any more...