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Although we are living in the modern century and in developed society, there are still many people do not have enough human rights for their own lives such as those who live in Afghanistan.

As I see in Afghanistan, people, especially woman have no basic rights and have no freedom to do what they want. They can not go to school, the first thing which everybody must have; they can not work even they have all skills needed and they are even qualified and do better than men such as there are many women know about nursing but they can not work and even if they can, they have to work secretly or they must have relatives who work in that hospital to bring them in. They do have right to show their faces, their bodies in the public because “they are women” and might be beaten or killed by their own fathers or brothers.

That is the most stupid rule I know about the restriction of Taliban. I think this government just favors men not women. It is horrible when somebody can not make their own decisions in choosing their husbands or who they love, but that is what women in Afghanistan have to face, their parents not them decide who they should marry, that is why they could be killed if they talk to strange man in public ( to protect the honor of their families). I do not see anything called human civilization in Afghanistan under the Taliban, even after they are destroyed. Why is the wife put in prison because she was at the sense when her husband killed someone although she did not do anything? What a society!I do not know because of the Islam or because of the tradition bring those unhappiness, suffer and...