The fog of the night--love poem

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The fog of the night

"When we hold hands, we will never be able to let go."

Still remember that year's rain fell down softly

The fog filled the air

And your smile, under the forest

Brightening up the colour of the night

The train of thoughts flows all over my mind

So I gave up the freedom of letting the hands loosen

Choose to hold tightly to our memory

There was a moment of my own pride

Cannot remember who said this before

The nets cast out by reality

Will capture the illusion of Eden's glory

Should have known, even God do not dare to promise you how the future will be

From now on

The same hands, will not be able to hold


Maybe, it is better this way

If, if from that distance

You will not be able to see my wound

The last of the last, I decide to taste the stillness all alone

Fog still covering the sky, rain still showering the night

Only your appearance

Revealing in my mind