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By Master puppet

My presentation is on the survivors of Flight-227. On October 12, 1972, a propeller-driven F-227 left Uruguay's Capitol, Montevideo, bound for Santiago, Chile - a range of 900 miles. On board were 15 members of the rugby team from Uruguay, along with 25 of their relatives and friends. Many of them were in their teens, many were from Uruguay's upper class, and two were the Nephews of the President of Uruguay. The pilots, who were from the Air Force, became very terrified when, winds storming in from the Pacific connected with the air currents from the opposite direction, which could cause the plane to crash on the mountain.

They decided to land in Mendoza, Argentina, so everybody could safely spend the night. By the morning, the weather conditions had not improved much. The pilots decided they could fly over the ferocious storm. During the storm, they hit an air pocket, and the plane went down 3,000 feet.

In the gushing winds, the right wing hit the mountain and ten feet of the wing broke off. The wing went over the plane, knocking off the tail. The Steward, the navigator, and three of the rugby players flew out of the gaping hole. Then the left wing broke, as they were going about 200 miles an hour, and the plane landed on a snow-covered valley.

Twenty-seven people survived the crash. As night came, the survivors were looking for food, but they only had chocolate, a few bottles of wine, and several cartons of cigarettes. Search planes were sent to find the survivors, but the plane was white and was camouflaged in the snow. Seventy days later, only sixteen remained alive. As the days passed the people were starving and getting weaker without food. The only choice was to...