The Five Practices of an Effective Leader

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Kouzes and Posners: The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

Melinda F. Baker

Nova Southeastern University Cluster IV

Leadership To Shape The Future 8510

Dr. Ricci

July 23, 2004

Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership

Kouzes and Posner discussed in detail, their Five Practices of Exemplary leadership. This practice will be applied and compared with the practices that are portrayed within the leadership style of principals within the Darlington County School District. The main focus of this paper will be based on the observance of principals that I have come in contact with through my years of being a Guidance Counselor.

We will begin with the first practice of exemplary leadership Model the Way. This is best explained by Kouzes and Posner as simply leading from what you believe. (Kouzes & Posner). A passionate principal's belief and direction have demonstrated crucial to the lasting success of school change.

The principal must "up-end the pyramid," some say, supporting the school organization from below, not leading it from above. The principal serves as the "pivot of the change process," keeping a refined balance between the often conflicting demands coming from teachers, community, district, state. The principal introduces a "blueprint for change," then modifies it persistently in response to individuals who will have to live with it. Commendable leadership requires that educational leaders have a comprehensible vision of the form of school they want to have and operate again and again according to values and beliefs tied to that vision. These leaders rarely claim to have invented the vision or the essential values and beliefs; instead, they recognize themselves to be "keepers of the dream." They embrace it whole-heartedly and make sure that everyone else does too. The principal models the type of vision that are wanted within the school...