A Fitness Appraisal

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I believe before starting any fitness programs, an individual should undergo several evaluations first. These tests are also known as, and can be referred to as a fitness appraisal. A fitness appraisal consists of a medical evaluation, physical assessment, and a weight management plan. These three areas are completely different, but all play an important role in creating a successful fitness routine.

A medical evaluation is a smart way to find out if you are capable of enduring the stress it takes to get into shape. Even if you feel "in shape" it is still very important to get a medical evaluation to be sure that you don't have no symptoms of an illness or early stages of some disease. Sometimes when getting a medical evaluation it will require only a health screening or in other cases, one may have to undergo a series of exams, depending on the physician's opinion of your health.

If an individual happens to undergo an extensive evaluation, that person will fall under one of three following types: apparently healthy, individuals at higher risk, individuals with disease.

A physical assessment is the next step in developing a successful fitness plan. In a physical assessment there are several tests one must undergo to make a proper diagnosis of one's physical health. These tests are blood lipid analysis, a graded exercise circuit, and a series of run-walk tests.

A weight management plan consists of four different areas of implication. The first and most important part is setting goals. After you figure out what you want to accomplish, the rest is easy. The next step is diet. Notice what you eat, at what times, and how much you can eat. This is so you can realize what you eat is what you are, and maybe cut down...