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the republicans' precious victory seems to be slipping farther from reach. as the polls are getting near, the democrats got a big wave of luck. it should not have much relevance in this time of war, because political parties are most often put aside to support the president. although they still share a little respect for each other, the sides have an undying rivalry.

the democrats are feeling more confident, but president bush will be a big hep from the republican campaign if he can resolve the iraq issue soon. it is not a clear advantage for any specific party yet. a lot should be taken in account before these oncoming elections to determine the party that receives the advantage. both sides have a "philosophy" very closely alike, so the he-did, she-said advertising continues until elections occurs.

the majority of politicians of today do not care about the people, just winning.

it always seems that it is a race between the republicans and the democrats, but the reason the democrats seem to be closing the gap is simply the reason of educated people beginning to vote. the people just stop looking at the (d) and (r) behind the name, and just really pay attention to the candidates. a rising population of voters no longer care about the letters behind the name; they care about the person behind the name.