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The Fire of Salem

"A single spark can start a prairie fire," Mao Zedong. In the strict religious society of Salem tension existed everywhere, but was never acknowledged nor accepted by those that mattered the most. Even the "smallest" threat could ignite the accusations of witchcraft. For hidden from the society fear, narrow mindedness, and pride tore at inner workings of the village.

Fear spread like a disease the dark day that an unexplainable sickness over came some of the girls in the village of Salem. "The rumor of witchcraft is all about," said Abigail (170). As terror swelled like a wild fire others were quick to satisfy this flame. "Don't you understand it, sir? There is a murdering witch among us, bond to keep herself n the dark," proclaimed Putnam (173). It is often much easiest to point the finger at another. As not to be hanged, those that were accused through out the story would blame another.

All of this would only end with the death of another. Fear rose up like smoke and clouded their eyes of the tragedy that would follow.

Narrow mindedness only feed the fire of witchcraft; it was the wood for the flame. Many irrational judgments keep the screams going. The unjust tactics of how Judge Danforth ran his court are the cause of this. Danforth denied important evidence to the court. "No, no, I accept not depositions," declared Danforth (210). In addition Danforth said ", before I decide whether I shall hear you or not" (210) shows that he doesn't except all the evidence in the court. Such one-sided view would only continue such claims of witchcraft. Though this was the overall view in Salem for everyone and everything belong either to God or the Devil.

Pride was what let the...