Films By: Kevin burdick : How novels are turned into films and the difficulties of making a film from a novel.

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There are many films created from novels now a days, but many changes are usually carried out. There are probably some alternations made because the author and the director have various interpretations and ideas, which fluctuates some areas of each representation.

When directors are making films from novels they have more pressure.

They have deal with limitations of time and money, they have to make sure that even after adding their own opinions the plot has not drifted from the point. Some of the ideas they have are portrayed in the film.

At times the director may have added more to the creation because they felt the author might have left out some important details, or by chance the director may have excluded information because the author over emphasized or under emphasized a point. Contrary to that, novelists do not have to stress about those issues. They have no limitations on page amount and they do not have to worry about money issues.

Details also could have been left out or slightly changed between the publication and film because the novelist is fitted to express his her message through their capability of writing, but in films it is more difficult for the director to portray a character exactly as they are described in the novels. They have to search for an actor to fit the author's specific needs. Those are some of the reasons why details are disregarded in "The Outsiders" film directed by Francis Ford Coppala. The most significant differences between these two works are plot, setting, and character development.

The plot is the series of conflicts that make up a story. One important situation in the novel that the film director over looks is Darry's job. Darry's strong build allows him to successfully work as a roof builder.