Film critique on the movie Truman

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Truman is a truly great movie depicting the President of the United States, Harry S. Truman's life from 1910 to 1953 when he resigned from office. It begins with Mr. President sitting in a train talking to his advisors about how the polls are looking for the new Presidential election of 1948. He starts to write a letter to his wife, Bess Truman, but the picture fades into a memory from his past. In this next scene, the viewer meets Bess's parents back in the 1910's. Soon they marry and Harry needs money to pay back his debts during the Great Depression so he takes the offer up of being Judge of Jackson County, Missouri. Baby Margaret Truman is born and even more money is needed so Harry wants to run for Governor of Missouri, but Tom Pendergast, who was the man that invited Truman to be Judge, turns him down.

Instead he asks Harry to run for U.S. Senate. After winning the election and is Senator for a while, he is hounded to be Vice President. He finally gives in to the pleads and is officially the V.P. Then, in a tragic turn of events, President Roosevelt dies, and, as Truman is the Vice President, he is the new President of the United States. This new position also puts him in charge of World War II. During this time, the President must deal with the Manhattan Project which is the building of the atomic bomb and whether or not to drop the powerful bomb on Japan. He decides to go ahead and drop it, which some people in high office strongly disagree with but it forces Japan to see the great power of the United States and makes them surrender and takes Hirohito off the empiric throne.