Feminism and Cheerleading

Essay by claui_01 February 2005

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I am a feminist. I am a cheerleader. Many people think that in order to be a feminist, you have to be involved in guy things. Basketball, martial arts, you name it. Staying home and raising kids are out. And having a career is a must. Wear the pants! Pink skirts are totally lame. Cheerleading? Don't even think about it!

But I am really a feminist. I am also a mini-skirt wearing, pom-pom waving, routine dancing, cheerleader, and I'm damn proud of it! Some people said that cheerleaders are not real athletes. They are so wrong! Skeptics? I invite you guys to join one of our practices. Then come up to me with your ripped-up knuckles, pulled hamstrings, sore shoulders, and a whole bunch of aching muscles. Now tell me, Am I an athlete or not?

Now, to those who think that cheerleading projects a negative image to women, because of our stay on the sidelines and our existence during time-outs.

May I remind you that we are actually building up the school spirit, as we also give out support to our players? For me, we project a great display of cooperation, school spirit, and teamwork.

In my opinion, being a feminist means pursuing your goals, no matter how impossible it may seem. You must not let any obstacle be a hindrance to your success. You should try unrelentingly, and constantly prepare for the worse. Whether those dreams includes becoming the next Lisa Leslie or strapping on a hot pink tutu, as long as you're achieving and striving for improvement, you're one successful woman.