Female Roles In Religion.

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Women have played very important roles in medieval times. Although most women were content to stay at home and be a house wife, some of them were a little more adventurous and would not settle for a simple life as a house wife. If and when a woman left her role as a house wife, there was a lack of selection for careers and not very many opportunities to better herself as a person. It had not been common for women to leave the house, so whenever a woman had the courage to leave her family it was most often because of her strong beliefs in her religion. Religion was the one part of everyone's daily life that affected everyone and it was the only possibility that was open to women. The women once decided that they wanted to join a religion did not have many choices available to them.

They were not allowed to be a priest or hold any high ranking office. They could only join an order or become a nun. This was a far cry from what the men had available for them. The women in the religious orders and the nuns had very few tasks that they were asked to do. It seemed as though the public had more faith in the men then the women. This meant that women would not be able to gain much for their participation in their religion. If they chose this style of life it would be a lifetime of trying to proof to their male counterparts and society that they belonged.

During medieval times, the roles that women played were very few. It had been tradition for the women to be the child bearing mother that stayed at home and did the choirs of the house. This is...