"The Feast" written by Randy Lee Eickhoff

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Main Character: Poison tongued and sour, stands Bricriu in his spacious home. This the spirited member of Conchobar Mac Nessa's Ulster Court stands, towering above the visitors and servants of his house. All of the servants knew that if they didn't do what they were told, Bricriu would have no problem doing away with them. In fact even his own wife feared for her life. Although he was very rich he dressed in mangled clothing and appeared as if he hasn't bathed in a week. He was very controlling and had fought for everything he had ever owned. He is the host of the feast, that brings everyone of the lands together and creates sheer chaos.

Time Line: The story starts after the building or Bricriu's home, he being the trouble maker his is decides that it would be funny if all the men were to fight for a champion's portion.

He invites them one by one telling each man that he would be fed a champions portion because of his greatness. All of the men show up and begin fighting over who deserves what portion. One by one each of the so-called-champions falls, and the strongest prevails. I wouldn't want to give away the end though! So find a copy and enjoy!

Historical Subject: This book is based on the collection of Irish legends, which gives the reader a good illustration of how ancient Ireland was. It also re-tells the many different legends in one compact story, and provides many facts.

Historical Years: This story was based on many different myths, and then retold by the author Randy Lee Eickhoff, so there is no actual dates given. However the myths were collected from the sixth and seventh century.

Setting: This book takes place in the giant filled hills and...