Failure to prevent World War II

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World War II was a mass destruction that had ever occurred. This miserable event could have been prevented, but due the following reasons the prevention failed. The great depression was a barrier in preventing WWII; large numbers of unemployed people made leaders like Hitler much more appealing that they could otherwise be. The League of Nations could not do anything while aggressor nations successfully used force to get what they wanted as it lacked effective armed forces. Another reason that neglected the growth of fascist nations and led to WWII was the appeasement policy, which suggested giving into the demands of aggressive powers.

The Great Depression, which started in 1929 created vast unemployment and poverty. As a result, people chose to have communist, fascist and Nazi governments which promised to solve all of their problems. This was a great opportunity for dictators like Hitler and Mussolini; they attracted people who were in need of solutions.

Since countries in Europe were occupied with economic problems caused by the depression, they didn't want to interfere with the problems of each other presuming that it would cause another war and cost them major losses similar to WWI. So the growth of the axis countries war ignored and the axis countries taking this as an advantage started expanding their territories. Consequently the following was stated "... isolationism was adopted by many countries and became a major cause of World War II" (Bolotta 131). In the view of all these facts the depression was a cause WWII.

The League Nations was established to solve disputes among countries all around the world, but it never served its purpose during the time when the fascist nations started to invade other countries. Although the League was President Wilson's dream, the United Stated never joined it. Canada joined...