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Essay by tonguitaHigh School, 12th grade January 2005

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In chapter two of M. Neil Bowne and Stuart Keely book Striving For Excellence In

College, there are many good ideas stating positive and negative attitudes that people

take toward their learning. The idea that I found interesting was the one that said that

"Seeing ourselves as inadequate, incompetent, worthless, stupid, or lazy keeps us from

striving for excellence" (11).

This idea is interesting to me because, people who have this self-images have a very

low self-esteem and this can likely keep them from achieving their goals, not only

academically but also in life. The attitudes that this idea states, does not allows

individuals to have a positive view of themselves. Also people with this kinds of

attitudes tend to avoid taking risks because they fear of failing, and there are not any

expectations of being successful. Furthermore the bad image that a person can have of

themselves it can be developed by the influence of society and the parents.

The importance of having self-confidence is the lesson that I gain from this idea.

This attitude allows me to have a positive view of myself and the situations that I will

face in life. As a student in College I want to change some of my negative attitudes, and

be able to take risks without fear.