Expirment: The effect of light on growing plants

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An experiment was designed to determine how the quality of light affects growth of bean plants. Plants were germinated and planted in soil. The plants were exposed to different light qualities 24 hours a day, for 5 days. The lights used were 60watt light bulbs; one was left bare, one was covered with a blue transparent cover, and one was covered with a red transparent cover. Every 3 days plants were watered the plants with 50mL of water and growth was measured daily. The plant exposed to the white light grew the tallest, followed by the plant exposed to the red light, and the plant exposed to the blue light. It was determined that there is a direct relationship between the quality of light and plant growth.


To determine how well plants grow in different kinds of light quantities, (colour).


The plant in white light will grow the best.

The plant with red light will be second best and the blue plant will grow the least. We think the plants with blue and red light might die.


3 white light bulbs

3 lamps with 60watt bulbs

2 transparent colour sheets (red, blue)

3 bean plants


Tap water 50mL


1)Put the 3 bean plants under 3 different light colours in a room where each plant will get the same amount of light exposure, (ex. Room without windows), for a week, 24 hours a day.

2) Place one plant under the white light, one under the blue light and one under the red light using the 2 transparent colour sheets.

3)Once every 3 days water each plant with 50mL of water and measure each plant daily.

4)Do this for 1 week.


Light QualityDayStem Length (cm)Stem Width (cm)Leaf Length (cm)Leaf Width (cm)

Blue Light119.22.55.5...