This is an exercice from the novel Cue for Treason. The exercise was too subsititute the main character for another one and explain how the story would have been different.

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I decided to substitute Peter Brownrigg for a character I know very well, Harry Potter. I have read the Harry Potter book collection; therefore, I know his character in detail. The story would have been different in many ways with Harry Potter because of his differences with Peter Brownrigg. In the first place, the whole story would not have occurred since Harry Potter would have done his job right when keeping watch. Harry Potter is a big observer so he would have been more careful. He would have reacted sooner to Sir Philip Morton arriving. Harry is a wizard; as a result, he would have been able to magic himself out of dreadful situations. For example, Harry could have picked up his hat with magic, which wouldn't have left any evidence on the mountain top.

Another difference is that Harry Potter and Peter Brownrigg have diverse emotions and reactions to unusual situations.

This fact would have made the story different at many moments. For instance, when Peter realizes that Kit Kirkstone is writing to Sir Philip, he jumps to conclusions about Kit and assumes that "he" is working for Sir Philip Morton. However, Harry, being a patient and understanding boy, would have talked to Kit and discussed how his life was endangered by Sir Philip Morton. Another different reaction that could have occurred with Harry is in the Peel Tower, while listening to Anthony Duncan and James talk about the plot for treason against the Queen. Harry would have been a great deal more careful than Peter and would probably not have slipped. Thirdly, the situation could have changed when Peter was feeling watched while eating stew around the fire with the Desmond company and did nothing. Harry, being curious and courageous, would probably have investigated around the area...