This is an example of how customers can be unhappy with some alledged services that claim to be there for thier benifit but in actuality are only concerned about thier own pocket books!!!

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I have already submitted 3 reports to you. When are you going to review them??? You claim in your advertisement that I get 350 points a piece, but in hindsight you don't say how long it will take for you to review them to clear me for my status. How long am I going to have to wait ??? Im starting to wonder if you'r not just ripping me off of my work. This is the only way I have found to get in touch with you to send you a message, whereas before I sighned up with you I could. Now that I have sighned up I can't find a link to you anywhere but here. WHATS UP WITH THAT ??? I did not give you my reports to be or stay stuck in limbo with my status !!!

P.S. If you are not going to be reviewing my reports soon and giving me the clearance you promised me in your advertisement then would you please return my work and all rights to it.

P.S.S. I am not trying to piss you off but I am not going to sit back and let you or anyone else shit all over me either.

If you can not or will not fullfill my request then PLEASE return my work {with all rights} to me at THANK YOU-CITYSLICKER10