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Yes, there are barriers for women. The struggle for equal rights for women has been an ongoing struggle for humanity. Along the way, many complications and roadblocks have risen. Media, beauty standards, and the meaning of womanhood were some of the barriers. One of the biggest barriers in the struggle for women's rights is race. Race has hindered women's movement for a very long time. Segregation made it hard for women to join in one fight for equality. Women have failed to realize that they belong to a much larger group than what they think. Due to this inability to recognize the similarities between the two groups, the women's movement was complicated in a major way. Race made the struggle for women's equality almost impossible because white women were fighting for totally different rights that black women were fighting for. These differences in concern between the races made the women's movement very difficult.

To begin with, during the slave and segregation period, the women's movement rose throughout the white women. However, the black women did not really join in the fight for equality due to the fact that black people in general were still fighting for their inalienable rights and the idea of women's rights was almost unheard of. While white women were fighting for the right to vote, black women were still fighting for the right to go to the same restaurants as white women. The difference in interests slowed down women's movement drastically. For example, the definition of being a woman was so different in black women and white women that it was almost impossible to fight for the same cause. For white woman, they defined being a woman by being able to do everything that men were able to do such as vote, hold offices, and have...