Establishing the mood of fear

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As the evening drew cold and dark, I tried to find my way out. I could hear the rustling branches of the trees. I walked along the windy path it seems as if I was not alone. The only thing visible was the shadows cast form the trees under the luminous full moon's light. Squinting my eyes in an attempt to find my way along the path, I stumble and fell to the cold, damp forest ground. It smelled like mildew and wet dirt. I tried to get back up, I brace myself on the tree beside me. The wet slipper bark was hard to grip and my hand slipped from the tree. I got up and brushed away the damp torn leaves and dirt from my jeans . I could taste the gritty, damp soil on my lips when I wiped the dirt from my face. I then heard something moving in the tall, thin grassy patch behind me.

I slowly sat down on the damp ground against a tree, in fearing what was behind me in the tall grass. As I sit there I can hear myself start breathing heavily. I finally build up the courage to get up and look to see what was there. I crept up slowly and gently put my hand out toward the tall thin grass and reach in. I sigh with relief when I hear the meow of a small kitten. I held it tightly as he shivered and stroked his soft thin fur in attempt to keep him warm.