How establishing goals can help

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I believe goals are important because they are something you need to set to be successful and have something to look forward to and strive to achieve in your life time. I think everyone has goals to a certain extent. Goals will influence your daily life if you are trying to become something that requires a lot of schooling or training to become, such as a doctor or lawyer. But some goals do not need that much training and or work to be achieved, some people want to do well... Some want easy goals.... And some just don't care.

When I was young I never cared about setting goals, or really knew what they were. I was always just messing around in school like it was a picnic. Then I learned that school was like free education. The free education would lead to free money, which in turn would lead to me getting whatever I wanted.

What makes me set goals for myself most is seeing all this fancy stuff you can buy, but without goals, you can never achieve a job that pays well enough to afford some of the stuff you want to buy. Now that I'm older I realize that to be successful and have what I want I need to finish school and get good grades so I can enter a college of my choice and major in a field which I like and pays good money. Some people are just in the job for the money, I want something that pays well but also is something I can enjoy. This is why I want to become a computer technician, or programmer. Those 2 careers intrigue me because they are mainly what I am into now. Computers fascinate me because of the amazing things you...