This essay was written about anti-americanism and its reasons.

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According to former French President Charles de Gaulle, nations shape their financial and political strategies in accordance with their own interests. It has always been in America's interest to keep Europe democratic and prosperous, and since both continents have shared the same culture, which made the US Europe's best ally throughout the 20th century. After World War II the US helped to rebuild Europe, guaranteed Western Europe's security against Stalin's Soviet Union and established NATO and the UN. However, the new French President Charles de Gaulle was humiliated by not being invited to the Yalta Conference where the Big Three of America, Britain and the Soviet Union made all the critical decisions about post-War Europe. Furthermore, France's loss of colonial empire reduced Paris's prestige as a great power. In order to restore France's influence, Gaullist practitioners set a strategy that entails the unification of Europe as an international counterweight to America and alliance with the Muslim Arab and African world.

It was necessary for France to create an opponent power to America to become the superpower of the world. He therefore decided to change Europe's political orientation in order to shape France's destiny. As I will show, even though there are a number of good reasons why Europe turned away from its traditional ally in order to form closer relations with the Middle East, the most significant reason is France's ambition to restore its former imperial glory.

One of the most influential means used by France to turn Europe toward the Middle East was anti-Americanism. This ideology has a long history in France, beginning with the Monroe Doctrine. This Doctrine, announced on December 2, 1823, proclaimed that European countries would no longer colonize or interfere with the affair of nations which gained their independence newly on America continent. Otherwise,