This essay talks about how Christianity developed from its Judaic roots.

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The Development of the Christian Church from its Judaic Roots

Jesus, the first Christian Jew, was probably the first main factor in the development of the Christian church, along with his disciples who helped spread the word about him. After the Roman Empire had fallen, the poorer part of the population was left without any hope of survival. There was famine in the country, and civil wars, between the people of Rome. Then along came Jesus, talking to the Romans about loving each other, how to survive, and promising them a better future.

Jesus taught the Romans about God, and tried to establish peace and love between the citizens of Rome. His concern about humanity, and his promise of eternal life attracted more and more people towards him. The people who were dieing and had noting left to live for, saw hope in Jesus and became his followers. These Christians faced many difficulties, mainly because Christians were persecuted and considered a threat.

Jesus himself was thought to be a leader, trying to gather followers to overthrow the government. However, these prosecutions did not stop them from believing in Jesus and following his teachings. Christianity gave its followers clear rules, or commandments which they were to follow. Jesus' acts and teachings made him seem like a new prophet or even the Messiah every one has been waiting for. He made a lot of enemies on the way because he got so many followers. However, no matter what the consequences were for being a Christian, all his followers continued to practice Christianity and abide by his commandments, and believe in him. Since the Jewish priests were using the Jewish laws to their own benefits, Jesus came and stopped them and returned right to the people. He was kinda like a superhero.