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GCSE Coursework Assignment -Shakespeare

Task: Analyse the dramatic importance of Act 3 Scene 5 you should comment on the place of the scene in the plot; what is shows about the characters; the tensions demonstrated in the scene and the effect of language use on the audience Romeo has met Juliet and to prove that Romeos love is true Juliet decides that Romeo should get married to her. After Romeo and Juliet have got married in Friar Lawrence's cell Tybalt and Mercutio have a fight .As a result Mercutio dies. Romeo is forced to kill Tybalt in guilty revenge and so is banished from the town of Verona. The audience would know that the Prince would have the right to banish Romeo. The Prince could also execute Romeo if he is found in Verona.

As the nightfall's Romeo feels more insecure because he should have left Verona by now so he goes to meet Juliet for the last time not knowing if he will ever see her again.

This is a very disturbing scene since the audience know that the two lovers will soon have to separate Juliet has mixed emotions because she doesn't want Romeo to leave but she knows that if he stays he might be caught and executed. Romeo will do as she says but he also knows that he has to go. Juliet mentions the lark and nightingale

"It was the nightingale, and not the lark "

Meaning the nightingale will just sing at night so Juliet has more time to be with him, but Romeo knows it was the lark and not the nightingale

"It was the lark, the herald of the morn .No nightingale"

Because the lark will only sing in the morning therefore they have not got much time left. Once Juliet realises...