This essay is about the scientific method and how to follow its procedure.

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The Scientific Method is a process used to evaluate, assess, and analyze a problem or question in the field of science. It has been used many, many years. It gives the proper framework for obtaining knowledge, testing it, and reporting results. Following the sequence of the method provides success. The following pages contain a summary of the Scientific Method.

The first step in the sequence is stating the problem. To do this, you want to ask a question about something you would like to know more about. Look for something that you question, or wonder why it is so. Then, state your question/problem carefully. After all of this is done, you would want to find the answer to your question so you would move on to the next step in the sequence.

The second step in this sequence is gathering information. Doing this step well makes it easier to come up with a good experiment that makes sense.

You can find information in numerous ways. You can do research using written sources like newspapers, magazines, the internet, and more. Also, you can always talk to other people to pick up information. Sometimes, you can even use knowledge you have learned from your own past experiences. Using this information, you can make a good hypothesis, which is the next step.

Thirdly, you must form a hypothesis. What you want to do is make a good educated guess on what you think will be the outcome of the experiment. Using the information you gathered on the previous step, this shouldn't be too hard. After you have done this, you must move on to testing your hypothesis and learning from it!

Now, to the hands-on part, which is actually doing the experiment. In this part, you want to do several things. You...