This essay is a photo journal based on the photographer, Edward Weston (1886-1958).

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Advanced Photography

Advanced Photography Final Exam

Photo Journal using a Famous Photographer

Edward Weston (1886-1958)

Edward Weston, an American photographer, born in Highland Park, Illinois, began to photograph at his aunt's farm and in Chicago parks when he was sixteen years old with a Kodak Bulls-Eye #2 camera his father had given him. In 1903 Weston first had his photographs exhibited at the Chicago Art Institute. Weston attended the Illinois College of Photography. Four years later he moved to California where he became a founding member of the Camera Pictorialists of Los Angeles. The Western landscape of California soon became his principal subject matter. He married Flora Chandler in 1909 and they soon gave birth to two sons, Edward Chandler Weston, in 1910 and Theodore Brett Weston in 1911. Weston's third son, Laurence Neil Weston, was born in 1916 and his fourth, Cole Weston, in 1919. Both Cole and Brett followed in their fathers footstep and became photographers as well.

After seeing abstract paintings for the first time at the 1915 San Francisco Panama Pacific Exhibition, however, he decided to try to capture the physical quality of the objects he photographed with the sharpest truthfulness and exactitude. Weston met Tina Modotti, which marked the starting point of their long relationship, photographic collaborations in Mexico and later much publicized love affair. At this time Weston renounced Pictorialism and began a period of transition, self-analysis and self-discipline while making voyages to Mexico, often with Modotti and one of his sons. Some of the photographs that he and Modotti made in Mexico were published in Anita Brenner's book Idols Behind Altars. Weston began photographing shells, vegetables and nudes in 1927. Weston kept very detailed journals or "Day Books" of his daily activities, thoughts, ideas and conversations. His first publication of these...