This essay is about Kurt Cobain. Not necessarily his life and death, but more so what he means to music in general.

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Kurt Cobain, a familiar name, yet quite an unfamiliar story. Even without knowing his story, many people can recognize that Kurt Cobain is a true musician, writer, and in my opinion, he is a true genius. From his enigmatic lyrics, to the way he carried himself, you could tell on first glance that there was something special about Kurt Cobain. His anti-celebrity show was more than just a facade, it was his whole outlook on stardom. Kurt Cobain was thrust into a world of money and fame that he neither wanted, nor would accept. Soon after he became clearly the most famous rockstar on the planet, he was begging his bandmates to just play one more show in a small town club in Aberdeen, Washington, where he grew up. His entire outlook on life is something everyone can learn from. Money and fame did not change the fact that he was a musician.

He was on the stage to play, he wanted himself heard more than anything else. Kurt Cobain truly changed music as it is today. He changed it from being a money-making scam to being a way to express yourself, to relieve the stress that comes with every day you spend on this earth. Kurt Cobain was truly a genius in every aspect, and without his songs, I think music would be lost.