This essay is about forestry in Finland.

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Wood as a renewable natural resource provides local and ecological material to build and make energy. Forests are important in the countryside because of the jobs, profits, material and energy it provides.

Finland is almost 90% forests. So it's pretty logical to make forestry a big industry in Finland. Finnish forest companies are Europe's market leaders. 80% of forestry is sold outside Finland.

Forestry made energy is about 20%. This is high when you compare to other countries.

Ecologically wood is an unproblematic energy source. Wood is renewable natural resource, which when burnt does not cause any harmful emissions. There is carbon dioxide when burning but that is taken up by the growing forests. Wood as fuel helps to avoid fossil fuels. The ashes left from the burning can be returned to the forests.

Most of Finland's forests are owned by private citizens. There are 400 000 forest owners in Finland.

Finland has one of the most richest forest in Europe. Some forest owners sell wood energy. They may, for example, supply the energy wood needed for the heating of the village school plus take care of the heating as well.

In 2000 the export value of forest industry products was 68.2 billion Finn marks (EUR 11.47 billion). 80% of it was paper products and 20% of it was wood products.

Forestry basically means the managing the forests and related natural resources.

In many countries forestry is important ecologically and economically. The problem about forestry is deforestation caused by cutting own trees.

When the growth of a forest starts to slow down, it is time to make room for a new forest. In southern and central Finland forests are regenerated at around hundred years and in northern Finland much later. About 1/3 of Finnish forests are regenerated...