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Establishment of the Different Colonies

There were many different reasons why the American colonies were established. Most of the earliest colonists migrated to America because they saw it as an opportunity to become rich. The different colonies were established for different reasons but the motivation all had something to do with religion, economics, or government. Some colonies wanted religious freedom while others were seeking refuge.

Massachusetts' inhabitants were Puritans who believed in predestination and that God was perfect. Puritans in England were persecuted because they felt that the Church of England, which was led by the king, did not enforce a literal enough interpretation of the Bible. Punishments included jail and even execution. To seek refuge, the Pilgrims went to Holland but their lives in Holland were much different than their lives in England. They did not want their children to be raised as Dutch and they also felt that Holland was too liberal.

Although they enjoyed freedom of religion, they decided to move to America. The Pilgrims left for America on the Mayflower but landed in Cape Cod in 1626 instead of Jamestown. Since they believed in predestination they decided to stay there instead of moving down to Jamestown. However, because Cape Cod was very rocky, they moved up north a little to Plymouth Rock so they could live more comfortably.

New Haven, Connecticut was another colony founded for religious reasons. Many Separatists in Massachusetts felt that the religion was too literal inside the colony. They felt that the beliefs were enforced too much and that they were living through literal interpretations of the Bible. These Separatists therefore further separated themselves from Massachusetts and formed a new colony in New Haven.

Another colony that was established for religious purposes was Maryland. Roman Catholics led by George Culvert fled from...