This is an essay discussing the many ways within the Old Testament where the Hebrew beliefs differed from the beliefs of other cultures.

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There were many ways in the Old Testament in which the Hebrew beliefs differed from the beliefs of other cultures. The Mesopotamians, for example, worshiped God as a Idol or statue that was placed in a church. In the Old Testament idolatry was outlawed. God was a spirit that we could only see within ourselves. These were two very different ideas. In the Old Testament God acted in a significantly different fashion than in other religions. It was also stated in the Old Testament that God chose people as His Prophets, to deliver his word to the people.

The Mesopotamians not only worshiped statues of their Gods; they bathed, clothed, walked and fed their Gods daily. Men could have individual statues in their own homes that they worshiped. They even brought their Gods to watch over battles. In the Old Testament Idolatry was outlawed in the Ten Commandments. The word "Jaweh" or "Yaweh," the Hebrew name for God, was not to be spoken out loud.

The mesopotamians did not have such a strong feeling towards their God that it caused them pain to speak his name.

God, in the Old Testament was said to be closely related to man. God was thought of as the father and creator of man. In other religions God and man happened to share the earth and man would avoid the Gods at all costs due to the fear of their great power. In the Old Testament God and man created Covenants sealed by circumcision. Men broke covenants often but God did not give up on them, he continued to hold up his part of the covenants in the hopes that they would some day abide by all of His rules. It was stated in the Old Testament that God told all men to...