Essay on describing the unconventional grandparents from the essay "Inspired Eccentricity" by bell hooks

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In the essay, “Inspired Eccentricity”, it is clear that bell hooks had two very unconventional grandparents. In the relationship of Baba and Daddy Gus, role reversal was visible in almost every aspect of their lives. As the author said, Baba and Daddy Gus were, “strangers and lovers - two eccentrics who created their own world”. They were a combination that perfectly completed each other, yet every part of their separate lives was equally important to their successful marriage. Bell hooks wrote, “They lived close but they created separate worlds.”I found a few examples of role reversal in particular that caught my eye. One of those was the masculine and harsh tone in which Baba talked. This was shown when the author wrote, “she talked endlessly. She preached. She yelled. She fussed.” Daddy Gus was the exact opposite - quiet, calm, and a gentle man - showing no opposition to, as bell hooks said, “her vitriolic rage”.

That presented a clear distinction in role reversal in their relationship.

Another sign that showed role reversal was evident in the arguments that occurred. As bell hooks stated, “Every shared talk begun with goodwill ended in disagreement and contestation. Everyone knew Baba just loved to fuss.” Daddy Gus would sit calmly in his chair when being yelled at by Baba, and when he had enough he would get his hat and leave. Baba was raucous and demanding. She was not afraid to stand up and speak up. In fact, “Baba loved to ‘cuss’” and have a, “good war of words” as the author wrote. When those words were notPuckett 2enough, she would use a belt. The author could not find this type of violence in Daddy Gus. She found love being held in his open arms and infinite, affectionate kisses.

Another example that...