This essay is about the Canadian confederation in 1867. It describes all the people involved, what happened, why it happened, how it happened and so on.

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The date?

July 1st, 1867

Who was the Prime Minister at the time?

The first Prime Minister was the Prime MInister at the time. Sir John A. Macdonald.

Who was involved?

Frederick William Haultain, Joseph Howe, David Laird, John A. Macdonald, Paul Okalik, James Pope, Louis Riel, Joseph Smallwood, Samuel Steele, Samuel Tilly, Charles Tupper, George-Etienne Cartier, Amor De Cosmos, and the Fathers of Confederation:

New Brunswick: Edward Barron Chandler, Charles Fisher, John Hamilton Gray, John Mercer Johnson, Peter Mitchell, William Henry Steeves, Samuel Leonard Tilley, Robert Duncan Wilmot

Newfoundland: Frederick B. T. Carter, Ambrose Shea

Nova Scotia: Adams G. Archibald, Robert Barry Dickey, William Alexander Henry, Jonathan McCully, John William Ritchie, Charles Tupper

Prince Edward Island: George Coles, John Hamilton Gray, Thomas Heath Haviland, Andrew Archibald Macdonald, Edward Palmer, William Henry Pope, Edward Whelan

Province of Canada: George Brown, Alexander Campbell, George-Etienne Cartier, Jean-Charles Chapais, James Cockburn, Alexander Tilloch Galt, William Pierce Howland, Hector-Louis Langevin, John A.

Macdonald, William McDougall, Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Oliver Mowat, Étienne-Paschal Tache

What Happened?

In the 1860s the British Colonies were facing many different kinds of problems. One solution for all of these was for the colonies to come together to form one country. These are the problems that led to Confederation:

Political problems

The Province of Canada had the most people and was later made into the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The government of the Province of Canada did not run very well because the English-speaking and French-speaking sides - who were pretty much equal halves - had different ideas about how things should be run. Leaders from both parts of the province decided that joining the other colonies might help solve their own political problems.

Economic problems

In order for their economy to do well, the colonies...