The essay is a bout radio reinvention in the Philippines. The title is Radio Reinvention.

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Radio Reinvention

Requests, contests, polls, letters, etc. are just some of the conventional gimmicks radio programs offer their listeners. Yes, at times it maybe entertaining, but admit it guys?these also sometimes tend to be boring. People pay attention to these kinds of programs if they have no more choice or they have nothing to do at all.

Life gets busier and busier for the obvious reason that people need to work hard for survival. So if you are one busy individual, you certainly won't think about wasting your time listening to overly repeated lines and gimmicks most radio stations produce.

Radio stations have to produce something innovative to keep their patrons enthusiastically listening to them. Something that will make the busy people sit and relax as they enjoy the show.

Good thing, Radio Tabloid comes to the rescue! Don't know what it is? Boy, you probably have been extremely turned off by all the other boring programs being aired so you finally decided to stop pressing that power button! Well, agonize no more! This one is different and sure to make your dull weeknights lively.

Radio Tabloid is a segment of Boogie Nights aired on weekdays, from 11-12 midnight. This, of course, is hosted by the wild and wacky radio gods, King DJ Logan and DJ Slick Rick.

If you're looking for maximum radio entertainment, this is definitely where you can find it. Listen as they read posts from either text messages or electronic mail and control yourself as you burst into boisterous laughter. Why? Because just like the radio duo, the messages are also wild and naughty! Apart from that, expect songs from your hit lists being played from time to time.

You probably are wondering?why radio tabloid? Well, it's because you can send in anything about any topic...