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In today's dynamic and competitive business environment, survival, growth and profitability are the essence goals of all companies. To stay competitive, enlightened companies have strived to take not only traditional actions such as lowing costs and closing unprofitable facilities but also innovative actions such as applying new Information Technology or creating new products. Many traditional companies chose to do E-commerce as an affiliate to its primary business in response to the competitive environmental.

Hualian is a typical example of adopting ERP as a part of its business. Hualian is one of the local leading retail groups incorporating manufacturing-leading companies in China, it provides a wide array of products and has 120 large stores across south east parts of China. It evolves from a traditional clothes manufacturer to high street retailer player, which sells products both on street shops and also on Internet. This report includes three parts. Part one is to introduce the background information about Hualian Company and define the objective of Hualian.

Detailed description of ERP in Supply Chain department is also discussed with reference to Information System theory in Part one. In Part two, three techniques SWOT Analysis, the Data Flow Diagram (DFD) and Five Force Model are applied to critically evaluate ERP system in Hualian company. And some implementation issues of ERP system are concluded in the last part of this report.

3.0 ERP system in Hualian's Supply Chain

3.1 Company Background:

Hualian is one of the biggest retail leading incorporating manufacturing companies in China. It evolves from a traditional high street retailer to dominant player in department store, which sells products both on street shops and also on Internet. As one of the largest retailer, it provides a wide array of products like groceries, electronics, toys, jewelry, ladies, men, and children's

apparel, and hard goods...